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8 N 1 Hydra Facial Machine, For Professional

A Hydra Facial is a facial treatment using a patented device to deliver exfoliation, cleansing, extraction, and hydration to the face. This system uses a vortex swirling action to deliver hydration and to remove dead skin, dirt, debris, and impurities while cleaning and soothing your skin. A Hydra Facial includes 4 facial treatments rolled into one session: cleansing and exfoliating, a gentle chemical peel, vacuum suction extraction, and a hydrating serum. These steps are delivered using a patented Hydra Facial device (which looks like a large rolling cart with hoses and a wand with detachable heads). Unlike traditional facial treatments that can have different effects depending on your skin type and aesthetician, the Hydra Facial provides consistent results and can be used on all skin types.

Key Feature:

  • Bubble pen (with 8 heads): Strong absorption, cleaning pores and exfoliating scrub
  • BIO head: Increase cell permeability, so that the skin is more soft and flexible.
  • RF head: Open the pores and positioning tissue heating
  • Ultrasonic: Promote micro circulation and skin renewal
  • Ice head: Can freeze skin and shrink pores
PRODUCT NAME 8 N 1 Hydra Facial Machine
Frequency (Hz) 50
Power (W) 250W
Voltage 220
Condition New

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Want to rejuvenate your skin?

Do you want your skin to be clear, elastic and moisturized?

Hurry up and bring home our multifunctional hydrogen and oxygen beauty machine, make it a reality, and reap your beauty and self-confidence.


  • Nine-head radio frequency high frequency: enhance the high frequency effect, expand the active area, lift the face, and tighten the skin.
  • Cold Hammer Whitening: Soothes skin and tightens pores.
  • Ultrasonic introduction: promote microcirculation, rejuvenate skin.
  • Hydrogen Oxygen Cleansing: Cleanses, exfoliates and cleans pores.
  • Ion Spray Gun: Nano-Oxygen jets brighten, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.
  • High frequency exfoliation: exfoliates and tightens callus.
  • LED dazzling mask: photon rejuvenation, improve skin texture, seven colors can be changed.
  • Non-invasive EMS humidification: One dermal humidification is equivalent to 15 days of continuous use of the mask.


  • Eight-in-one multi-function, increased density and exquisite workmanship.
  • The conversion rate of hydrogen and oxygen reaches 80%.
  • High-tech technology, the operation is more accurate and easier.
  • Ultra-cold device, more stable performance and higher safety factor.
  • Suitable for beauty clubs, skin management centers, entrepreneurial beauty salons, etc.


  • Project Type: Hydrogen-Oxygen 8-in-1 Beauty Machine
  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS
  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • Weight: about 9kg
  • Size: 46* 43*30cm
  • Screen: 7 inch display

Products include:

  • 1 x main unit
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 8 x handles
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1x LED mask