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Centrifuge Machine: 15ml 4000rpm Bench Top

Key Features

  • It can Contain 8 Tubes of 15 Ml, with 5 Speed Regulator.
  • Durable Metal Body with 100% Copper Winding for Extra Durability.
  • Noiseless Speed, Easy to Operate, Fix in Small Place.
  • Easily clean, Portable, Elegant, Practical, Low maintenance & Eco friendly.
Capacity 15ml
Depth 12cm
Number of Tubes 8
Speed 4000rpm
Suitable For Practitioner, Pathological laboratories& Hospitals
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 3.5 Kg

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Product Details

The  15ml 4000rpm Bench Top Centrifuge High Speed Cooper Motor is the perfect device for those who need a reliable and powerful centrifuge. With a max speed of 4000rpm, this centrifuge can handle a variety of different tasks. This centrifuge is perfect for anyone in the lab who needs to spin samples at a high speed. With a capacity of 15 ml and a speed of 4000 rpm, this centrifuge will quickly and efficiently get the job done. The brand is known for its quality, so you can be sure that this centrifuge will have a long life. The price is also reasonable.